Advocate for the Preservation of European Identity

Advocate for the Preservation of European Identity

Why is Europe committing suicide?

Europeans have existed before recorded history. Europeans have survived the Bubonic Plague, and countless wars and invasions. Including two of the most devastating conflicts in human history. Yet, despite it all, Europeans have thrived, grown and evolved into the most advanced, educated, unique, beneficial and beautiful culture on the planet. So, why now, after living in peace for the better part of a century are they going extinct?

Is it war guilt? Does Germany in particular still feel incredible shame because of the Holocaust? Do Europeans feel that they have been too privileged for too long. And, does this guilt now make them feel that it is their moral duty to give it all up to the less fortunate and less advanced races? Have the formerly robust European warriors of the past become too liberal, too apologetic, too accepting and too tolerant for their own good?

The answer to these questions is, “YES!” And, their way of dealing with this tremendous guilt is to show a friendly and a welcoming face to a polar opposite, violent, intolerant, thankless and unfriendly culture. A primitive culture that could never defeat the highly advanced Europeans in traditional warfare. In fact, the only way that this primitive foe (without an Air force, a Navy or any nuclear ballistic missiles) could ever defeat the Europeans would be if the Europeans simply invited them onto the continent without a fight and handed them all that they had on a silver platter. But, who in their right mind would ever do that? The over apologetic and hyper liberal German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with her EU counterparts, would, have and ARE doing this! And, they are doing this with the false belief that if you are kind to people, they will be kind and peaceful in return.

Guilt, low fertility rates and naivety is why Europe is going extinct.

Europe learned all of the wrong lessons from World War 2. The European Union began with the belief that Europeans must never repeat the horror of WW2. Europeans needed to unite and work together for their very survival. This was a noble goal that was achieved over the last 71 years. But, now for some reason the Europeans, or at least some of them feel the need to expand this peace to the rest of the globe. And, not only to unite Europeans, but to unite all of the world. And, their way of doing this is through multiculturalism. The theory is that if all races mix together, then the two things that led to the rise of Nazism, such as racism and National pride will end forever preventing another war? However, only one race will be exterminated in this process. And, that is the indigenous Europeans. Asians, Muslims, and Africans will survive in pure form. This is peaceful Genocide aka suicide.

I can see horrific problems with this liberal theory. For one, not all Europeans want to become extinct. But, those who want to survive and to preserve their identities and cultures are referred to via left-wing propaganda as, racists, right-wing extremists, neo Nazis, Islamophobic and xenophobic in an effort to shame and silence them. Both very powerful weapons which have been effective for decades. However, ┬áthis is every bit as evil as what the Nazis did to the Jews in those death camps. But, liberals don’t see it that way because it is genocide via non-violent mass replacement migration. Moreover, it cannot be proven that genocide was the intent.

The second problem is that racism and Nationalism are only two of many, many reasons that can and have led to wars. You need look no further than the Middle East to find proof of this. Muslims kill more Muslims than anyone else based on slight differences in ideology. These are the last people you should bring to peaceful Europe.

If you are a liberal on the same page as Merkel, Obama and the EU. And, you believe that the attempted genocide of an entire race, (in which not all want to be exterminated) will not lead to war, then you are in for a rude awakening!


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