“The Kalergi Plan” An existential read for ethnic Europeans

The Kalegri Plan. A existential read for Ethnic Europeans and those of European decent.
I have theorized about an unwritten plan such as The Kalegri Plan for many decades, since the signs are all around us. And, despite writing and researching on a similar subject for the better part of 10yrs,
I am a little embarrassed that I did not know of its Existence until recently!
If it were not for the fact that there is an actual written plan ( albeit written in 1922), this would sound too much like a conspiracy theory to believe! However, if you follow what’s happening in present day Europe, with the refugee crisis, and if you have some basic math skills, this idea should not sound so far fetched.
This read should not make us feel helpless or hopeless, since it is not inevitable. We can change this possible outcome by speaking out, voting, maintaining our cultures and spreading awareness.
The Kalegri Plan can only become a reality if we let it!
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is doing his part. The Brexit, the contested Austrian Presidential election, German protests against Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Trump’s election are all positives signs of resistance. We won’t give up our right to exist!

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